What We Do

Install and Fix Solutions provides multi-faceted, flexible solutions for warranty repair and installation services. We deliver client value, our business is software and systems driven providing open reporting for the full product cycle from factory to end of life. Our  clients operate nationally and multi-nationally.

Product categories serviced

Brown Goods.

White Goods.

Cooking Appliances.

Small Appliances.

Split Air Conditioning

Low Cost – Swap Out Products

Recall – Rework Products

How We Do It

Our “Cloud based” software system, Beehiive connects us to our nationwide service network of authorised and accredited service teams live. We know the status of work in the system at the coal face and manage customers and service providers to job completion from our business support offices in Australia, New Zealand and Manila.

A complete or partial outsource of your warranty service is available as our software grants access into the system for any part of the service delivery chain you wish to undertake. (i.e. call centre, warehousing, logistics, low cost replacement, parts distribution, service, installations, refunds, etc.) Smooth processes coordinated with our IT solution enables a partnered approach to service and installations.

Providing warranty repair, installation and return services for products sold into Australian and New Zealand retailer networks we quietly stand behind many National and Multi-National brand owners supplying technical and trade services under their branding ensuring KPI and licencing compliance and support services.

Our system allows for client retail stores to create and view returns, installations and service of warranty repairs with jobs booked directly into our service, transport or returns network. We measure and report failure rates by serial batch, common issues, inventory and parts usage and forward ordering, reporting for factory claims and product improvement, return rates etc.

With an open live view into our service providers we utilise timely data to pro-actively manage customers and give a liberating service experience. “Customer Experience Management”.  We proactively manage the customer experience!

Our  client managers focus on the progression customer all centre interaction following up any delays with the customer before they call you…. all documented in the log notes for call centre, management and service providers to reference.

Client customers are welcomed to the service provider by email and text on initial booking of the work order and updated with job progress through to the completion of the product repair. Our system automates processes to give a measured and consistent performance providing positive branding for your company’s service. Each client’s service and branding is important and our systems are designed to ensure differentiation as specified by our client.

Managing a significant number of big brand clients and work volume our systems and scale of operations provides ongoing benefits and cost savings. A single account every billing period generates further value for our clients allowing them to focus on sales growth and product development.